Friday, July 15, 2011

What Have You Been Doing This Summer?

What wonderful things have you been doing this summer?
We went to Virginia Beach, Gettysburg, Georgetown and Alexandria so far.
Hopefully I'll tell you more about that later.
 We've also been spending time with relatives.
My mom and dad stayed with us for a week. 
 My amazing brother, Joe, and sister-in-law, Karla, are visiting.
They are teachers who work in Berlin.
Joe, Karla and my daughter made dinner for everyone a few nights ago. 
It was absolutely amazing.
 Crostini with avocado, red pepper and sea salt,
or with garlic, ricotta cheese, lemon zest and honey.
Could I just eat that with wine every night? Oh yes.
 White wine in coffee cups.
Sunflowers in a bucket.
Tea lights in mason jars.
Do you get the theme?
Easy, rustic and not over-done.
 Greens with raspberry vinaigrette, blue cheese and blueberries.
They brought the vinaigrette from Europe as a gift.
Mr. Jones is not a big fan of veggies ...
he had 5 helpings of this salad.
Need I say more?
 Stacked glasses for the mineral water.
 The company was even better than the food.
 Someone was being shy.
 I almost forgot ...
we also had pasta and red sauce.
 I filled my plate and ate every. single. bite.
 My photos were a little blurry, but you get the idea.
 We were having fun while the little one
read weird facts from his new book his uncle and aunt bought him.
 I really can't say enough to tell you how wonderful these two are.
If they moved in with us, there wouldn't be one single moment I would tire of them.
If I could special order a sister-in-law, Karla would be her.
If I could special order a brother, he would be Joe.

The only regrets I have from the night?
Grandma and Grandpa went home the day before.
It would have been wonderful to share our evening with them.
The photo I took of Mr. Jones didn't turn out at all.
Sorry honey.


Kristy said...

Looks yummy and fun!!

Shannon said...

Looks fun! You are makning me hungry!

Simply Brookes: said...

mrs. jones. i absolutely love this post. might be my favorite one. good food. great people. wonderful memories and a tribute to all.

well done, lady. you are living the life. i can feel the love in your home.

i miss you already.

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

The love at this table shines and shines. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading...your little Corgi caught my eye. I have two and was instantly smitten by yours in the blanket. LOL
My girl, Sophie does the same. Simply adorable. : )

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