Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Budget Bathroom

The Nester has asked us all to share our 10 minute room makeovers inspired by her series called 10 Minutes to a Room You'll Love. Since I did this post before I found out about her party, I am just updating it.

I decorated my master bedroom with things I already had and/or things I got for an insanely great price. The paint wasn't a quick fix, however, but since I copied Nester's paint color, I thought it deserved a nod in this post as well.

My favorite thing in my bathroom is this iron chandelier I had when we moved into our house 3 years ago. It really makes the bathroom feel elegant. I couldn't stand the unsightly chain, though, so I got my glue gun out and glued some fabric right over it.

Recognize this paint color Nester fans? Tobacco Road (well, actually, the Tobacco Road knockoff recipe I got here).

I got this cute mirror from the local thrift store for a couple bucks. I love how the white looks next to Tobacco Road.

I did what Nester told me and hid the Crest, but I do have some silver pieces on a tray (all thrift store) that hold some Q-tips, and other stuff. Is that ok?

I needed some wall art, so I painted some old frames white and put in some pictures of my kiddos' feet at the beach.

This is not my first choice of window covering. I would love to hang some really nice fabric up there. But I'm on a big-time budget right now, and this was in my closet, so it will make do.

Got this cute rug at the thrift store. Brand new. Beautiful hooked rug. For a few bucks. It is a little more "tropical" than I would have picked if I could pick anything, but doesn't it go great with Tobacco Road? It warms up the white floor, too.

This is a pot I got from Home Depot a long, long time ago for not very much money. I just put a cheap little fern in it. Hopefully it won't die.

I like white towels. They look like you're at a nice hotel. They go with any colors. You can bleach the heck out of them. And it takes a little teeny extra time, but I like to roll them up. And when you redecorate a bathroom, you don't have to buy new towels!!

This little pedestal is another thrift purchase. I put some french soap on it by the tub. Some candles, too.

The other day, I did a little upgrade to the toilets. Sooooo easy. I'll show you in a few days.
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