Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Highlights

We love to decorate for Halloween.  Our neighbors really go over the top, and all the kids in the neighborhood have to stop by.  They have a guillotine and an electric chair, among other things.

I won't show you everything we did, but here are a few new projects I did this year:
This was such an easy project.  I had a cheap thrift store mirror that I hadn't found a place for.  I put some paint remover on the back and scraped off some of the mirror paint (I've heard you can also use oven cleaner), then I taped on an image I printed.  I got the instructions from this website.   I stuck some of my candles in the dirt.  They are so cool:  they bleed when you burn the candle.
I have been wanting to make this wreath ever since I saw it on Martha Stewart's website.  Painting rubber snakes is tricky, since paint on rubber just makes it sticky.  I used spray paint for plastic but it still turned out a little sticky anyway.  Totally worth it though.
I used my Christmas tree urn to hold my candy cauldron.
I used the lanterns I bought a while back from Ikea to use for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I put battery-powered candles inside and hot glued plastic roaches on the outside.  They looked amazing in the dark.
One of my kids was a deranged hockey murderer. Nice.
My daughter was a cow girl, and my other son wore a
Doppler Effect costume from Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory (See below). 
We just stuck white duct tape on a black shirt.
You can also see the body parts and machete hanging from the tree in the background.
Do you decorate for Halloween?
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