Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thanks For Your Help

Thanks to everyone for all the great input on my last
post about what to do with my wall of windows.

Here's what I have decided to try:
I want to hang window panels up high on a rod
and hang blinds on the lower windows only,
similar to the following picture except the rod will go above all 3 windows:

 (Source:  Sheffield Furniture)

I found blinds at Home Depot and Panels at Ikea,
but unfortunately even Ikea panels weren't long enough.
So I bought four cream panels for the top, and
dark gray panels to sew on the ends to make them longer.
I'm just trying to decide whether
to do a simple color block or add another stripe
(like in the following two photos).
(Source: Drapestyle)
 (Source: Houzz)
(Source: Unknown) 
 (Source: Google Search)
(Source: Houzz)
 (Source: Houzz)
(Source: Milk and Honey Home)

Now I'm just waiting until Mr. Jones can help me.
I hate things I can't do all by myself!
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