Monday, October 26, 2009

The Theory of Decorativity

Theory of Decorativity: No. of Paint Swatches = Husband Torture Squared
I won't bore you with all the gory details, but let's just say the husband torture at Casa Jones has involved painting, is the paint color right? discussions, love the paint color, scaffold, a suggestion by Mr. Jones that we replace one small room of nasty carpet since we were already moving huge furniture to paint, a buy 1 get 2 rooms free carpet sale, entire contents of upstairs being boxed up and relocated to dining room and living room, new carpet not looking good with paint color, search for entirely new paint color, arguing with Home Depot paint guy about whether he gave me the color I asked for (he did), starting over on the paint.
While I was clearing out the contents of our bedrooms from our living room today, I decided to make a small change.
These white shades that the previous owners of our house installed have driven me a little nuts over the years. Like an annoying little grain of sand. (The owners, by the way, had white walls, white shades on all windows and white carpet. It was like a hospital. It could have been worse though, like obnoxious colors on the walls and floors).

They are ugly, boring, and are installed over the beautiful molding. The jewelry of the window covered up!

And little gnats fly in there in the summer and get stuck. How do you get that out?!! Say hello to one of my little friends:

So I finally took them off this morning.

I think this looks a lot better.

No one else may ever notice, but I do and it's my house and I look at it every day.

It's not a bedroom, so it doesn't need complete privacy. A little see through is ok. Let's see how long it takes Mr. Jones to notice.
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