Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chunky Scarf

I've been seeing a lot of chunky scarves on Pinterest lately.
They look so cozy.
I found this one at Forever 21.
It ddidn't look that special on-line,
but I was pretty happy when it arrived.
That is a pretty great price.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How the Cool Kids Decorate for Halloween

Have you seen this?  A family decorated their house for Halloween with a light show set to Party Rock Anthem.  That.Is.Cool.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Help: How Do I Recondition Leather Furniture?

Have you ever seen the blog Mr. Goodwill Hunting?  Well it is written by Rashon Carraway who is a contributor on The Nate Berkus show.  He does amazing things with Goodwill finds.  Like this Baker cabinet he found for $75, which originally retailed for $17,370.  Wow.  Then he painted it gray and it looks amazing.
So, inspired by his blog, I dropped by the local thrift store, and I found a cute little gray leather chair.  I looked at the bottom and it said Crate & Barrel.  Googled Crate & Barrel leather chair and it appears they are selling chairs similar to this one for about $2,000.  I'll take it.  $20 is what I paid.
It actually looks better than the picture shows.  There are no cracks in it, just some scrapes that I think will go away with some conditioner or gray polish.  The only thing wrong with it is a small spot with packing tape sticky.  I'm not sure how to get it off, and I don't want to try things and mess up the chair.  Does anyone know the best way to recondition leather furniture?
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