Friday, June 18, 2010

Berries for the Teachers

There are so many wonderful teachers and people at our school who take good care of my peeps.
I try to do a little something to thank them. Last year I made a paper cake. The kids enjoy delivering their thank you gifts and showing appreciation to everybody, which I really like.

This year we made strawberries. I downloaded the template from Scrap Orchard, printed it on scrap paper, cut, scored and threaded it all up with ribbon and buttons. **Update** I found the template free at Oriental Trading!

I filled them with pretzels dipped in white bark and red sprinkles. The little pretzel nubs work better than the twisty ones because they're so small. You could also fill them with candy. (Digression: Is it just me or are bags of miniature candy ridiculously expensive?!!)

The basket and gingham napkin were a little too girly for the mini-man, so I took them out of the basket and put them in a camo monster truck gift bag for delivery. Camo monster truck gift bags make everything better.
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