Friday, September 9, 2011

True Religion Jeans

I have never loved buying jeans.
I have a big booty.
Even when I'm working out and skinny as I can possibly be.
Thanks to JLo and Beyonce I don't have a complex about it.
But I don't like buying jeans. 
 The other day I tried on True Religion jeans.
Hole.E.Cow! I'm in love.
 They fit perfectly.
They're comfy.
They make me look better.
 I got my pair at a resale shop for $35.00.
They sell new for about $175-$400.
That's right.
 Honestly, these jeans are one of those things
that are worth saving up money for and splurging.
That's how much I love them.
 I'm also loving my resale shop right now, too.
A lot.
What clothing brands do you think are worth the price?
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