Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thrifting for Clothes

I stopped by the thrift store today, hoping people would be getting rid of great things right after Christmas.  There was no great increase in inventory, but I did find these:
True Religion Kate cropped jeans (retails for about $172.00) thrift store cost $4.95, and City Streets blazer for $3.95. 
I just started shopping for clothing at the thrift store, probably about the time that I realized True Religion jeans retail for $175 to $300 and people in my area donate them all the time.
The City Streets brand isn't anything expensive, but I thought this blazer was really cute, and I love the seam sewn in a different fabric.

What I have learned about thrifting for clothes so far:

1.  Get to know the good brand names.  I'm still learning.  I usually look through all sizes for True Religion, because I can sell them for more than $5.00 at a nicer resale shop if I don't fit in them.

2.  Try them on if you can.  You're just wasting money, and not saving it, if it doesn't fit.

3.  Make sure to look over the entire item to see if it has any ripped seams, stains or holes.  The store will try to sell only things in good condition, but they don't always catch everything.

Do you have any expensive brand names you always look for great deals on?
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