Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Work Room Redo Part 1

I'm trying to come up with a basic plan to redo the work room before I yank everything out. Knowing me, I will pull it all out and my poor honey will come home to an enormous mess in the bedroom. DivaDeb stopped by and gave me the fabulous advice to break each part of the room into sections for each purpose of the room (eg, sewing, crafting, scrapping, etc.). So here are the plans. If you want to see the actual room, click here. The scanner cut stuff off and I'm not going to be anal-retentive today like I normally am.
Here is my major dilemma, which is why this place is a mess in the first place: I have boxes and boxes and books and books of photos, which need to be put in scrapbooks. The books of photos are those old yucky magnetic page books, all different sizes and shapes. I need to take the photos out and put them into nice scrapbooks. I'm afraid to take all the photos out and put them into boxes, but I also think it just looks like a complete mess the way it is. I need you scrappy, organized people out there to give me direction on this. I simply can't figure it out on my own, and it is giving me a great deal of stress.


Pen said...

I am in the same place as you with photos that need to be scrapped to I don't have any advice to offer. However, I wanted to say your plan is looking great!

Mozzi said...

The only advice I can give as a small time scrapper, and a big time "stuff everywhere er" is start with one thing and work through.
The first thing I did was get my photos out of those magnetic albums, every day is doing them damage, get some photo storage boxes, one for each topic, decide how to sort them, family, occasion, year, whatever. It depends how you want to scrap them, if you put them in boxes in the same way you want to scrap them half your work is done! Once in the boxes sort them into whatever smaller categories you need to. It will take ages but you get rid of the albums and it's amazing how much space you have already! Once you see how many boxes you have that leads you into storage space required. But DO NOT under any circumstances take a photo out of the album without putting it into a box, you start laying them down anywhere else, [even just for a minute] and you will lose them or damage them. I used to grab an album and a box and sit and do it at night while watching tv. Once they are safe in those boxes it doesn't matter how long you take to scrap them.
Sorry for the long post but it is so important you look after those photos!
By the way, the plan looks fantastic, look forward to seeing it completed.

cityfarmer said...

SHOW US the finished project, please

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Well I am not much help either! I have so few places to store crafts, they pretty much end up in any little nook or cranny I can find that no one else has taken yet! =)

dede warren said...

i plan on finishing my scrappy space this week, so i feel your pain. i will say this, don't buy ANYTHING yet. i wound up having everything i needed, i just needed to out tuff away, or create a home for it. i just redid my entire room, paint, furniture, and just a few organizers (from the $ store) and my total cost was 128.00. you can do it, you can do it... that's me being your cheerleader!!

dede warren said...

the tattered old rug in the scrap room is yours, if you can get it to virginia!! i am looking for a new one as we speak. i bought it so long ago i can't remember where, sorry!

oh, and so glad those days of {{the talks}} are over. scary times we live in. my advice "just do it". talking i mean, do it often, and keep the lines of communication open.

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