Friday, December 7, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth!

Well, my baby lost his first tooth a couple nights ago. It had gotten so loose that when he spoke, it went back and forth with his breath. So he decided to hit a basketball on his face, and it popped out! The Tooth Fairy actually remembered to visit our house this time ... you know, sometimes she gets to watching Oprah and Everest and *completely* forgets about her most important job. Then, in the morning, she has to crawl across the upstairs hallway and sneak into the room in broad daylight. "Oh, Hey honey, did you check behind the bed? Maybe it just fell while you were sleeping? Oh, yeah, see ... here it is." See what a stellar mother I am?!!

Here is a little chair I picked up for a couple bucks. It wasn't sturdy enough to use because the bar at the bottom is missing. I painted it red for Christmas and put the Grinch on it. It's like his little time out chair.

This is a picture of what is on top of our entertainment center. I had flying reindeer up their last year, but I think Santa looks better.
This is the advent calendar I picked up at Costco last year. I love it!

These are some vintage-looking ornaments I bought at Joanne Fabrics and the pine cone ornaments I bought at the dollar store.
And this one's for Elzie, who couldn't quite figure out what I put on the top of my tree. It is an angel, and I draped some of the sheer ribbon I used on the banister over her because she was just a little too gold for me.
I'm almost done with the curtains and I think they are looking good. I made one small change to the way I hung them that made a HUGE difference. I'll show you more pictures Monday. Thanks to everyone for your help with this project!


Julie said...

:0( I can't see your pictures for this post!

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

The red chair with the grinch proudly sitting on it looks great, inspired idea!

Best Wishes


The Feathered Nest said...

Hey girlie! I can't see your photos either but so love the fact that you forget to "be" the tooth fairy too!! I cannot tell you how many times I have tossed a one dollar bill in the crack behind their bed and said "did you check the crack?" Thank you for making me feel OK for being a forgetful, but good moma!! xxoo, Dawn

Anonymous said...

congrats on that first tooth! i just know our day has got to be soon! and the fact that you forgot to be the tooth fairy sounds like something i would do...boy did you pull it off!

i love your "new" chair! perfect idea...might have to borrow that one!

and your decorations are glad you posted them!

Elzie said...

So many lovely pictures you're showing us. And your tree looks very good. I have a wonder. What is it you put at the top of the tree? I've seen the same thing in different colors on many blogs.
Hope you're having a good Monday.
Love Elzie

Liz Harrell said...

Love that chair, very cute idea. The house looks so pretty!

Julie said...

cute cute... I can't wait to see your finished curtains.

m said...

Let me ask...Did you wax the chair to make it look aged or is that the camera? I just love that look. I've just started getting into painting my furniture (practice on pieces that are in the playroom) and I haven't had the nerve to try the wax technique.

Martha said...

I LOVE the way you aged that chair! It looks oh-so perfect with Mr. Grinch on it!

And the tooth!!! He really tossed a basketball at his own noggin? Hey! Maybe he'll be a Pediatric Dentist some day!! Ha haaaaaa! I'm filing the, "Did you check behind the headboard?" trick for future use :)


Suzy said...

Hi, I found your blog through the "Organized Junkie" blog and I have come to love reading it. I really love all the decorating stuff you do. I am NOT gifted in that department. My mom wants to know if I want any magazine subscriptions for Christmas this year, and I thought about asking you which ones would be good for me to read, that would give me simple do-it-yourself decorating. Any ideas? Thanks so much, and keep up the awesome work!
Suzy in Canada

Unknown said...

I love this little red chair! It's the perfect color~.I think that's so creative.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Good luck in the drawing!
Jen R

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