Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two New Blogs You Should Visit

Back when I transplanted to Virginia from California, I started blogging because I missed my neighbors. They were some pretty awesome, talented ladies. And now two of them have blogs! Woohooo.

I used to live across the street from My Own Personal Martha Stewart (except Kristy's a whole lot sweeter and hasn't been to prison). She is good at everything, but especially cooking. She even used to make dinner for ME and bring it across the street because our husbands were both out of town. And her house is gorgeous, on a budget. Any time I needed help with something like paint color or sewing, I just walked across the street. Yes, I cried when I moved.
Kristy's family is putting a pool in their backyard, and she decided to blog about it. Fortunately for us, she's throwing some other things in the blog, too. Like this coconut scone recipe. All my best recipes come from Kristy. She's amazing in the kitchen. If you just stopped by her house unannounced with 20 friends, she would whip up a tasty lunch on the fly without breaking a sweat. She and her husband have 3 really cool kids. And she's got them cooking, too. This photo's from a blog post about cooking with kids.

Her blog is called Mi Casa - San Diego. Stop by and say "hi".

My other neighbor, Wendy, just moved to Virginia. This woman has some serious decorating talent. I would love to just walk through her house and study EVERY SINGLE THING she has done to it. It looks like a million bucks, but don't think she spent that much. Her budget would inspire you.
Here's a shot from her apartment she and her family just moved into.
Here's a picture from a post she did on updating tired furniture with black paint.

I could be wrong, but I believe this is a cheap furniture store table that she picked up and then stained. It's gorgeous!
Would I ever think to hang a chandelier in a corner that low? Of course not, but she did and it looks great. Her blog is called Simply Brookes.


Kristy said...

Thanks Heather. You are definitely a neighbor that has not and cannot be replaced. You inspired me to get into the blogging world, and I am slowly making my way. Looking at all the creative things people are doing has definitely got me motivated, my sewing machine is out, and I scrapbooked 12 pages yesterday. Unfortunately I am in still working on 2005 so I have a ways to go. Thank-you for the nice comments, it makes me motivated to post some more stuff!!

Simply Brookes said...

I'm so touched. I think it was YOUR inspiration that inspired Kristy to start a blog, then Kristy's inspiration that got me started. Talk about pay it forward! (I think it was you who got me started on ebay, too.)

I can not tell you how excited I am about book club, hanging out and creating that "community" again.

You are such an inspiration! So looking forward. You are the best!

Thank you.


Angelica Bays, TygrLilies.com said...

Hi Ms J!
Sorry for emailing on your comment section...but I'm lame like that!
yes! I'm in San Diego! And my kids go to Coronado so when I saw the pic of the Coronado soccer tournament I about flipped out! ;o)
Small world, eh?
So you liked FlyGuy? did you see Fancy Nancy? I'm still recovering from that one hahaha.
Take care- thanks so much for the Bloggy Love!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a lovely home!! And she just moved in? Wow!!

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