Friday, August 19, 2011

A Thought on Parenting

I had a thought this morning . . .

(view of the back yard as I was taking out the dogs)

I was laying in bed thinking about the day ahead with the kids.
Mr. Jones was up early getting ready for work.
He works so hard.
I wondered . . .
(something got missed last night)

What would happen if
I dedicated the day to working hard as a parent?
(we had a lego building marathon)

I tend to float through the day,
do what needs to be done,
get distracted by things that interest me.
(do these ever go away?)

Maybe today I'll try a little harder.
Pretty soon the house will be clean all the time,
Legos gone, dishes fewer, shoes somewhere else.
(i cleaned out the closet yesterday. just some of the guys' shoes. wow.)

I want to make the most of this day.

Have a blessed day, friend.


simply brookes: said...

i love this post. i relish in the this time of my life. my kids in under my roof. life is crazy, but life is good.
thanks for the button post. miss our little book club and my friend.

Unknown said...

Hi Heather, great post, blessings to you too. I'm posting a shout out to you tomorrow. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

Martha said...

Wow. That was an amazing post. I think I'm going to do that today, be a hard working parent. Sometimes I'm so busy doing things around the house that I barely know the Noodle is here, too. That's sad.

Thanks for the reminder to be more present :)

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