Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vintage Beach Chic

I have always loved Andrea Singarella's jewelry.  I was recently drooling on her blog and saw that she is doing a Vintage Trinket Jewelry e-course where she actually shows you how she makes her gorgeous jewelry, and it's only $10.00. Seriously. So I signed up, and it was totally awesome!

This is my first necklace.  Even though I live in Virginia, I am a transplant from California, so I made a vintagy necklace with a beachy theme.  It has some shell beads, a starfish charm, and a By The Sea tag, which had a blue patina until I varnished it.  Grrrr.

Here is a smaller necklace I made to wear together with the bigger necklace.  It has a little turquoise starfish bead.

And here is a necklace I made as a gift for someone as part of the Facebook Pay it Forward challenge I did.

It says "Be The Change", short for "Be the change you want to see in the world." This is supposedly a quote by Gandhi, or an inspiration thought inspired by Gandhi, but I'm not certain of its authenticity beyond being a favorite Internet quote.

Regardless of who said it, it's still a good thing to say.

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