Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Perfect Gift

I am always in search of a cute little thing to give to a special friend (at the top of my list of gifts for myself should be a birthdates organizer/calendar because I think I have forgotten *everyone's* birthday this year!) Anyway, thanks to a link on Tracey's blog, I found this cute website called Rosanna which has really great dinner wear. The Fleur French Pitcher or Tea For One would make a lovely gift for a friend. And take a look at the *beautiful* round box for the Pitcher!!! Get out! I really, really, really love a great gift box. The next is a set of 12 Days of Christmas Appetizer Plates. I think I recall seeing these in a magazine before. I will be asking hubby for this set as my Christmas present. That would be a great wedding/shower gift. Rosanna also has a blog, and she is hosting a table decorating contest. I think I know someone who should enter.

When I was blogging around the other day, I also found this website called Wonderful Graffiti. They make vinyl transfers for your walls. You can do monograms, quotes, and other neat things. I couldn't save any of their photos, so I will have to post links. It's worth visiting. Here is a link to their Wall of Fame. They also have a separate website for Wedding Graffiti!


Pen said...

I think I'll take one of everything you have pictured here...lol!

I am off to check out Wonderful Graffiti right now! I love words, quotes, etc so I am sure this is right up my alley.

Allison said...

Love it. Very, very cute. Love that pitcher!


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