Monday, July 23, 2007

Budget Tween Room Makeover

The Tween has been wanting a room makeover, and that is what we worked on this weekend. I wasn't sold on the idea completely until the project started and now I'm totally on board.

She had the standard-issue little-girl cottage furniture, which made her room look small because the desk had this bookcase on top of it. I didn't realize how having tall furniture (she had 3 bookcases in her room) makes the room look so small and cluttered.

So we got rid of a bookcase, the bed with posts and the desk with shelves. She also got rid *tons* of junk, which makes it worth it alone. She was impressive, like a little Peter Walsh, ruthlessly tossing things out.

She originally saw this dot bedding from PB Teen, but it was way out of the budget, so I found something very similar at J.C. Penney that was much more budget-friendly.

F.Y.I. We are NOT getting the curtains in the picture. Ouch . . . those are just a bit too loud.

So we went to Ikea in search of cheap furniture, and we were successful. This is the bed she picked out. It's really low to the ground, and looks very cool in her room.

We made a corner desk with 2 of these. We're going to make one of these to go over the desk.

Got this lighting, and

This lighting (this looks incredible when lit!).

I'm going back to get this item. We also got a chair for the desk with circles cut out of the back.
We haven't gotten the bedding yet, and we need to paint, so I will be posting before-after pictures in the near future.
So, because of all this, and she wants to sell her things to pay for the new bedding, I will be having a garage sale in 2 weeks.


the feathered nest said...

Sounds like fun! What color are you painting? This is the only way that I've found that I can get my dd to declutter, so I know what you mean!

I love IKEA. I've been happy with everything I've ever gotten there. I don't envy you having a garage sale - I like going to them, but I hate having them!

Can't wait to see the before and afters!


Trish said...

What WOULD we all DO without IKEA?????? It's the BEST! Can't wait to see the finished room.

Sandy said...

Looks like fun to me!
My daughter would love that room.

Pen said...

Looks like a fun tween room! It will take her right into her teen years with no problem. My DD wants to redo her room as well, but there is too much other stuff on the to do list right now that needs it more than her room does.

Dawn said...

Looks great-I just bought my two oldest girls the comforters from JC Penny's in the blue/green. I'd love to see how your room comes out and I love what you picked out at IKEA-we'll have to make a trip there.

Anonymous said...

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