Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Insanity

Good morning, girlfriends. What are you up to today? We have basketball playoffs, birthday parties, homework projects that I procrastinated on for an entire month and we're just starting 2 days before they're due, and a flat tire on Mr. Jones' truck (and 7 tire shops we went to yesterday don't stock F150 tires). I'm currently chugging down caffeinated beverages while the family sleeps in preparation for the Saturday Insanity that is about to ensue.

Am I making good use of my prep time?

Doing dishes? No.
Laundry? Nope.
Wrapping presents? Absolutely not (I like to save that for 5 minutes *after* we were supposed to leave the house).
Getting uniforms ready? Negative.
Taking a shower? No way.

I'm looking for new blogs. And I found a great one. So it was time well spent, right? I know you all agree, because we have our priorities straight!

I do love a blog that makes me laugh out loud while I'm sitting at my computer and everyone in the family thinks I've lost my mind (it's easy for them to believe, really). For my laughter fix, I always stop by Martha's because she is one funny girl. But today I have found another funny momma. So after you visit Martha, go check out The Country Doctor's Wife ~ you can start with this post.

What are you doing today?


Sissy said...

I am also blogging and not looking at my dirty dishes or unmade bed. Sigh, I guess I may have to get up and do something sooner or later. Take the dog for a walk, or wash those dishes. But...maybe I will just keep on blogging. Who knows where the day will lead?

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

okay... well... you just made me laugh outloud!

another mama looking reading blogs here... i think i have a sickness!addictibloggitus!

the doings of the day are SO calling my name... hush... i'll be there... just one more read!

SeaWorthy said...

Well, you slacker Mrs J. Ive been up since 4:30 Ive got ALL my motherly duties done for the day. Ive made my first batch of skip and go nakeds and I am on my way- and its not even 10am!

kidding, always kidding..
Likewise, Im sure--with the laundry and the dishes..Great job!

coastal nest

Tara said...

DOn't you just find blogging a nice stolen, relaxing time? I know I puts a smile on my face before I face the hulabaloo of the day!
PS--love the banner

Anonymous said...

I'm working today but with my work I'm able to get some "blogging" in which is definitely a good thing. Loved the Country Doctor's Wife's blog as well. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

My husband is at a Dave Ramsey thing and I dumped the kids off at my moms and took a long bubble bath in complete silence!!! So far it's been a great weekend.

Martha said...

Awwwww, You're so sweet, Mrs. Jones!!!! You're my fave, sistah!

I'm going to check out that blog. Because I've got a lot to do today. And why get all of the stuff done that's hanging over my head when I can read blogs? Huh? Why?
We are Mommies. We need to grab every happiness we can before our offspring suck the life out of us :)


Martha said...

I forgot to compliment you on your new look! I love that picture of the kids!

You have beautiful babies!

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Haaaa....what a wonderful post, you are really funny! Sorry, I had quite the depressing post, still makes me cry when I go back to check for typos...but I promise I'll lighten up!

Sandy said...

How can you not have a crazy weekend with 3 kids? LOL. Hope you have a great week. I checked out that new blog ...

Debbie said...

oh my...she is funny...I need to go back and camp there for a little while and read more. I'll probably go back when I am supposed to be doing something else
that I don't want to everything you listed on your Saturday morning of procrastination.;)

Julie said...

Are you sure you are just not trying to talk yourself out of running away until next week??? ha ha

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