Sunday, February 10, 2008

What I'm doing today

Ok, so here is what my dining room table looks like today. I signed up for the Grocery Game again. I have done GG in the past, but got frustrated when the coupon in my paper were different than the coupons in the GG list. But I'm going to give it another shot because I will still save money, right? I'm going to Wegman's today to see if there are newspapers from other major cities with coupons that are the right coupons. I know Wegman's sells all kinds of other papers, so hopefully they will be the version with coupons included or I'm out of luck. Are there any other Grocery Gamers out there who have had this problem?

I'm finishing up a furniture project today, too. I'm just going to give you a sneak peak, and when I'm done I'll post pictures of the whole thing.

Here is the chair that I was sewing a slipcover for. I decided I wanted to learn how to reupholster. How hard could that be, right? Hmmmmm, when I say that to myself little alarms should go off. But they don't. I never learn. Anyway, it is fun ripping the fabric off the chair. I'm taking pictures so I can remember how to put the new fabric on. So here's the deal. Instead of sewing, you really just staple the fabric onto the chair. There is a little sewing involved, but not much. I found the slipcover sewing to be a bit challenging, so we'll see if this is easier. I'll let you know.

Have a great Sunday!


m said...

Good luck with the reupolstery (sp). I take my furntiure to the prison and they do it at half the cost of what a professional does it for. (the wait can be anywhere from 6 mos to 2 years)

I am going to try to slipcover though.

I love seeing your projects. Oh and love the hair also.

Kissing of the Frogs said... your post today. And hats off to you, you are brave! I'll be back to check on progress :)

Unknown said...

I give you a ton of credit. Upolstering is something I don't even tackle past the whole unscrew and staple thing...I love your stenciled project and can't wait to see the end!
Jen R

Martha said...


I wish I were a go-getter like you are!!!! I'm soooo impressed!

You're inspiring me to finish my kitchen :)


Penny said...

I'm a GGer (sort of), and had that problem occasionally. In your game rules, it should tell you which paper the list maker uses to make the list. Find out if you can get that one in your area. If not, even with the lower coupon value the price is most likely rock bottom for your area. In my experience with coupon discrepancies, the difference was rarely more than 25 cents or so.

Wow, you are one ambitious lady. I would never be brave enough to rip a piece of furniture apart. Good luck with your projects.

Sandy said...

Hi! I have so many projects to work on, just not enough time. Never have been big into the reapolstering (I did kitchen chairs and that's it) so it will be fun to see how it turned out!

SeaWorthy said...

Alright Mrs Jones, You really have me intrigued about this Grocery Game. I mostly am tired of spending so much $$ at the store EVERY time I am there, how much are you saving? I have to be a "member" do you want me to use you as a refferal (if I sign up, looks like you would get a kick back) I am no coupon carrie, so any advise would be appreciated!
I love the sassy haircut!!!
coastal nest

Kim -today's creative blog said...

you have been so busy! Can't wait to see the chair.
I have been intriqued with the Grocery Game, but it just looks so complicated. I even read somewhere that someone opted out of paying and went to instead. Not sure if it works the same, but it may save even more money.

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