Friday, December 7, 2012

Bookmarks and Journals

A few months ago,  I made some bookmarks and journals for gifts.
I took photos to share with you, and then forgot about them.
But I found them yesterday!
 I upcycled a tailor's tape measure I found at Target.  
I love this color, but they also had pink.
I made bird's nest charms from tutorials I saw at Just Something I Made (she has an amazing collection of tutorials on her blog).
 I made this one based on Andrea Singarella's beautiful inspiration.
It was frustrating, because I'm finding
I need to order good craft supplies online because
stores like Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabric
have a really terrible selection. Terrible.
It turned out ok, but I would love to order some
better supplies in the future and try again.
 I bought these small journals at Target's Dollar Spot,
and just added some stamped charms.
 Target also had these little chevron bags, which I used to wrap the journal.
It turned out to be a pretty cute gift for $2.00 plus supplies I already had.

For more gift inspiration, here is my Pinterest Board for Gift ideas.


Unknown said...

I saw these on Pinterest and wondered if they were yours? So cute! The perfect gift for book worm buddies.

Robin said...

Love your cute ideas. Simple always seems to be best!

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