Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I have a dilemma, dear friends, and I'm hoping you can help me.
We bought our house because it is on a gorgeous lot.
With woods.
And deer.
And little bunnies.
This is my family room that looks out on the woods.
 I thought this wall of windows would give me a nice view.
Not so much.
The blinds were on the windows when we moved in.
The upper blinds are supposed to be remote control to raise them up.
They broke within a year.
But I can't take them off because the afternoon sun blasts into the room.
Like it's so strong you would need sunglasses.

To make it worse, see the line that is under the arch?
That's not the window, it's just the ugly blind.
So ...
1. My living room is actually a dungeon despite the potential view.
2. I'm an outside girl and I can't see outside when I want.

Please help.
(Oh, and it must be a budget solution)


Anonymous said...

Shannon Nembach said...

Oh that's a tough one because of the fireplace? What if you treated the whole wall as one large window? Ditch the blinds and hang a curtain rod high the entire length of the window/fireplace wall. Use panel curtains and keep them open and gathered on each side of the windows flanking the fireplace most of the time. Close them when you need a break from the harsh sunlight. The only problem with this idea is you couldn't use the fireplace when the curtains are closed. Good luck!

rahel said...

Hi- just stumbled over your blog...
I would do something outside of the window. How about a pergola? This would block direct sun but still give you daylight and you could leave your window uncovered. It does not even need to be a big pergola. Depends on the angle the sun is shining. Hope this will help.

Anonymous said...

I like Shannon's idea, I had the same but with a tweak bc of that fireplace. Keep the rod running over the length of the windows. But instead of using two curtain panels, I would use four. One long panel on each side of the fireplace, so you could pull those back and then two panels on top, just stopping above the fireplace. This way you'd be able to let all of the sun in, but also have the option of closing them and using your fireplace at the same time. The budget will be an issue tho. The cost on fabric has gone way up, but where there's a will...there is ALWAYS a way! Good luck and keep us posted! Please forgive me, I'm new at this and don't know what a URL is!
Suzanna Hyle/

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