Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Greetings

One of the ladies I work with recently told me about Peep Jousting. This is what my kids have been doing all week.

You put them in a microwave with toothpicks, and turn the microwave on. Then you wait to see which one survives. Totally pointless, but fascinating. No one actually wins, they just get big and turn into blobs. You really the the chick peeps because they stand up better. These were all I had left for the photo shoot.

I am an assistant teacher in a gifted class once a week. We recently studied Romeo and Juliet, and had the kids make peep dioramas depicting scenes from the play. So I got the idea to search the internet for peep dioramas and this is what I found: The Washington Post has a peep diorama contest each year. Hilarious and demented. Here are a couple favorites ...

Peeps Atop a Skyscraper.

Peep Wars.

You can see the galleries for the contest winners from this year and the past 2 years here and here.

And here is a website with the movie Lord of the Peeps, Fellowship of the Peep.

Have a great Easter.


Allidink said...

Hi I just found your blog! It is so awesome! Omgsh peep jousting that is the funniest thing!!! I told my boyfriend and well I'm sure you can guess how excited boys get when they can microwave things that blow up and joust! LOL I love your dog! My boyfriend wants a corgi so bad! I want one with the coloring yours has but he wants one that's just tan and white. So I said we can get both! LOL

All the best,

Trish said...

This is OH-SO-FUNNY!!!! I gotta find some toothpicks...we're trying this tonight!

Anonymous said...

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