Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday School

I have been teaching 1-3 grade Sunday school this month, and I hit the blogs to find some good ideas for my class. I thought with all these crafty Christian bloggers out there, I would find something besides commercial sites with coloring pages (yawn). Guess what I found? Nada.

So I think I will start sharing my ideas for Sunday school classes, and if you happen to have any great ideas or know someone who does, please let me know.

This past Sunday, I taught a lesson on Jesus appearing to the apostles and Thomas, and how they doubted he was raised from the dead until they actually saw him (John 20:19-30). Our church gives me teaching materials, and sometimes I use the paraphrased story or script from the lesson, but this week I didn't.

I chose to read the story right out of the bible. I don't have the kids read the passage because they are so quiet that every other kid tunes out, and I can stop to explain things or point out ideas.

Then, I found this awesome lesson for teaching faith, called Things I Don't Understand. I put a CD, telephone, medicine bottle, calculator, flashlight, and remote control in a paper sack. They were immediately riveted, and loved taking turns picking items out of the bag to show the group. This lesson really helps kid wraps their minds around faith, which can be a vague concept for them.

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Marie Reed said...

Thank goodness that you are revved up to create a valuable resource for Sunday School teachers! SOunds like God is calling you to do something very needed and exciting!

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