Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Parenting Books for Parents

A couple from our church started a new website for parents, called FamilyIntel, and it's free (they get money from advertisers).

Basically, they give summaries of parenting books. I browsed through their summaries quickly, and just might read Keep the Siblings, Lose the Rivalry since the Jones kids are squabbling ALL THE TIME!

Or how about A Chicken's Guide to Talking Turkey With Your Kids About Sex, since I'm a big, fat chicken. Buck, buck.

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys looks good, too. To be honest, all the books look good. And the summaries go way beyond the little summaries you find at Amazon.

You can also get an e-mail to be notified when more summaries are posted.

Here's a clip from their website:

"FamilyIntel equips busy families with practical, actionable intelligence to meet the parenting and marriage challenges they face each day. We summarize significant parenting, marriage, and family relationship books and put the key points into quick, easy-to-understand digests. Our book summaries help hurried families who want intelligent solutions from leading experts on raising children and building strong, healthy family relationships. "


Julie @ Sweet Chaos said...

Bless your heart! I've been trying to find spare time to research children's help books just like this!! I'm having issues with my girls--7 & 4--fighting all the time. Drives me bananas. I'm an only child & everyone assures me that this bickering is normal, but I detest them treating each other badly. Again, thanks for sharing this link. I enjoy your blog & the tips you share!

H O L L Y said...

off topic -- I really like your blog background. Is it your own design...or a freebie?

Thanks so much,

Shell in your Pocket said...

I think that is wonderful that your church is doing this.

But, as I read their quote about busy families...I thought maybe it is time for the "churches" to start encouraging families to slow down and not feel everything must be a one stop fast "food" like mentality. We have lost something starting with this quote...why are we so busy we need a quick cliff notes on books? My family included!

Just something to think about!
sandy toe

Macey said...

This is awesome! It gets boring looking at these books in the store, but with a heads-up from someone, like you!, I feel better equipped! :)

Elle Jay Bee said...

My favourite parenting book is/was The Spirited Child. That sucker made me feel better on more than one occasion!! Now I just need to find a book about raising teens, as that is the new phase I'm in!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the timeliness of your post...glad I stopped by, I am a huge chicken when it comes to the "turkey talk" - we just finished a book that was really for 4 year olds - my kids were unphased, but I have to work up to it, and hopefully hide what a scaredy cat I am!

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