Monday, March 26, 2007

New Designer on the Block

I walked out the front door yesterday, and this is what I saw. I love it! My youngest son had put a bird's nest and Mater on my rocking chair before he ran off to play. Looks like they belong there. It think he's got some decorating talent! (I love Mater too!)

And this next one is for Martha at Elizabeth Hill Cottage. She challenged me to post 80s big-hair pictures, and as painful as it is for me to share these pictures with you, I can never turn down a challenge. I dug through my scrapbook room, and found these 2. I had picked a more flattering picture, but I'm really going for big hair and shoulder pads (sorry Martha, couldn't find any with Mullets). I know I have some better pictures of me with my high school friends, but my scrapbook room is a very scary place (piles and boxes and pictures) and this was all I could find.

I also have a very special recipe for you today, but that will have to be later. I am supposed to be cleaning my house right now but I got sucked into blogland again. My house is a disaster, and Kidlet#3 has a playdate in a couple hours. So more on the recipe in a few hours.


Martha said...

Yeeeee HAH!!!

Now THAT's some big hair, girlfriend! I love it! And boy, were you a hottie mchotterton, or what? Well, it looks like you still are, from your self portrait!
And, geeze. Nobody else took me up on my challenge. Humph.

And how 'bout Mater?? I LOVE that guy! Your little one is so cute to be part of your "design team". How lucky are you?


cityfarmer said...

Mater is everyone's favorite...gotta be the teeth

you're a brave soul to post the 80's look.

Anonymous said...

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Wendy said...

Oh Heather. These are great photos. I am loving those bangs of yours.

Rock it, girl.

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