Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge

Ok, I got a lot of work done yesterday, but I did goof around with the camera a little bit too. It took me about 65 shots to get my self-portrait because I am not a talented photographer. The one I chose was like the next-to-last pic too. It is funny how it looks like I am smelling the flowers, because in reality I wasn't as close to them as I look and I was moving my head around while the camera shot so I would look blurry while the flowers were the focused subject. Only took about 15 minutes too. Sooooo, I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this blog (except loyal reader Martha), but I will challenge you to take a creative self-portrait of yourself. Even if you aren't a blogger, it would make a great photo for a journal or scrapbook about yourself. Give it a try. Post a link to your blog so we can see.

As for me, today I am painting the dining room and the desk. Yesterday I taped off all the molding and baseboards in the living room. My honey is going to paint the woodwork today. The transformation is almost complete, but I don't want to show you until it is done.

I'm a little overwhelmed about paint colors for the desk. I am not good at picking out colors AT ALL. I went in to the store today to get a green and cream to paint the little desk, and there were so many choices that I couldn't pick anything. Does anyone have an regular paint they use for this? I need a little help. Thanks!

Hasta luego!


Martha said...

Oh, you KNOW I'm a loyal reader of your blog, girlfriend :)

Oh, all RIGHT. I'll work on the photo. I've gotta tell ya, I've tried to take a picture of myself and it just never works. Maybe I'll have the Noodle do it.

Hope all your projects are going well :)


Trish said...

Your self portrait is beautiful! I will take you up on your s.p. challenge after I lose the extra 60 lbs. I'm currently carrying around. No, I'm not pregnant -- just fat. I'm still trying to blame it on the hysterectomy, kind of in the same way I blamed my extra "puffiness" on the fact that I just had a baby -- I used that excuse well into the "baby's" 2nd grade school years! Anyway...nice pics!

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