Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finding The Perfect Gift

I was just reading Martha's blog at Elizabeth Hill Cottage, and she was talking about how fun it is to give someone a really special gift. I can't say I'm great at picking out the perfect gift, but I have kept a list of neat things I have found because I enjoy gift giving (I'm terrible at actually remembering birthdays though, so I need to work that out).

In December, I found a link to on Inspire Co's blog, and I found this cute little 3 cup vintage espresso maker. Isn't it adorable! You can get different sizes and they come in 3 colors. I bought one for one of my friends for Christmas, and I know I'll be purchasing another one in the future because it is so adorable. I think I need to buy one for me too!


Martha said...


I've been eyeing one of those babies at Crate and Barrel (not vintage, of course.)!

About the 20 year reunion....Oh, I KNOW! Mine is next year! I only went to the 5 year...snagged the husband there, so I never went to another one :) Oooo...let's blog about that next time :)

About your other thoughts: Yes! Everything I see, every semi-funny encounter I have, any pretty house I see....I want to blog about! I've never been a good picture-taker, but I've definitely been taking more pictures these days, too!

Oooo....I just erased a bunch more I wanted to tell you. I'm hogging all of your comment space!
We may have to move next door to one another so we don't have to type so much :)


cityfarmer said...

I'm glad we're friends

Trish said...

My husband and I were given an espresso maker JUST like the one you have pictured here and it was one of the BEST gifts we received! Many enjoyable moments were shared with the help of that little pot! What a great gift! I enjoyed reading your blog this morning and so glad I found it!

Anonymous said...

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